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High-temperature furnace tube furnace

Time:2015-06-05 08:53
We all know that high-temperature furnace is in the life of a high temperature furnace tube that presumably is subjected to the test of living. So what will be the details of the tube it? How to verify the high-temperature furnace tube furnace is high it? Now as we explained in detail.     
Tube is a metal tube shell, it may be stainless steel, brass and the like may be possible hard material. Axially along the tube within the central uniform spiral heating alloy wire, compacted fill voids with good thermal insulation properties of magnesium sand, the nozzle ends sealed with silicone, which can heat metal mounted heating element can be brought back home Oh, dies and various liquids, metal tubular point heater element is placed in a metal tube heating element, and close the gap portion is filled with a good heat resistance, thermal conductivity, insulating crystalline magnesium oxide powder, other processes in by treatment is made. It has received a single structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, safety and reliability, easy installation, long life and so on. Widely used in a variety of saltpeter tank, tank, tank and so on devices. Heater is designed electrical energy into heat energy of electrical components.     
Verify that the tube furnace quality problems, the most intuitive way is to first clean the stove, then turned 220 volt power supply, dry in the air, the surface red after power failure until after the heating pipes completely cooled, wipe with a paper napkin clean, there should be no black oxide powder on white paper, described the furnace material is better, it is a competitive high-tech materials, it appears in an electric field which is certainly popular. It is an inevitable trend.


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