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Laboratory atmosphere furnace structure and application

Time:2020-09-05 16:51
Laboratory furnace atmosphere furnace is now widely used in the rare earth luminescent materials, ceramics sintered, carbon fiber and other iron-based powder metallurgy. Xiao Bian below you explain in detail the structure of laboratory furnace atmosphere furnace and application. Removing laboratory furnace furnace shell junction with silicone rubber seal, furnace mouth with water cooling, to protect the furnace mouth silicone rubber seals, intake and exhaust port is provided on the mouth.
Experiments by the shaped refractory furnace lining masonry, high-quality insulation materials. Corundum brick furnace mullite material selection, insulation made of alumina hollow ball made of Mullite Poly Light +1500 +1300 +1260 Mullite poly light ceramic fiber; layers of distributed computing by optimizing the design to ensure that fire-resistant insulation performance, It has a certain strength. Laboratory furnace gas supply source through valves, gas flow into the furnace, the air intake is located at the top of furnace, exhaust and drain located at the bottom of the electric furnace. The gas flow rate adjusting system (0.16-1.6m3 / h), the pressure monitoring (0.16-1.6kpa).
Laboratory furnace thermocouple indexing number using B, installed in the furnace top. Experimental electric furnace steel and high quality steel welded by a group together. Furnace stove-technical requirements to achieve industrial furnace masonry construction and acceptance. Furnace roof removable for maintenance.   
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