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Corrosion effect of test gas in high temperature furnace on furnace tube

Time:2020-09-05 16:51
1, in an oxidizing atmosphere, the silicon oxide layer on the metal surface and elements play a role, it may lead to an unexpected failure.
2, should be in charge of the high-temperature furnace to prevent the molten metal splashed with dirt to prevent the melting of components and produce smoke, especially to prevent flux.
3, in addition to avoid using high alkali content compound.
4, in an oxidizing atmosphere of the furnace is no more than its highest use temperature conditions and design, but also the success of the operation in a neutral or carburizing atmosphere.
5, can also be used together at temperatures up to 1600 ° C and nitrogen, argon or helium. Not recommended to reduce the pressure.
6, with normal concentrations of sulfur dioxide, non-harmful substances, but high concentrations of chlorine and fluorine oxide elements may even be severe erosion, because should be avoided.
7, is not recommended for high-temperature furnace burning carbonaceous materials. Other high-temperature furnaces can be used for this application.
8, the installation of an optional air inlet, near the mouth there is a label that read: "Only an inert gas."
9, in fact, an inert or oxidizing gases can be used, but not use flammable or toxic gases.
10, high-temperature furnace is breathable, so you can understand gas usage may be high, there is always some air furnace interior. Residual oxygen content should be at least 1%. 11, by providing an additional furnace bottom plate to prevent erosion. This easy consumption either lightweight ceramic fiber, but also a high concentration of alumina refractory wear.
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