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How to check the lining dam of high temperature furnace

Time:2020-09-05 16:51
High-temperature furnace lining is made of refractory ceramic, direct contacts and heating materials, lining the role of high-temperature, high temperature conditions, and other high-temperature furnace components isolated from the other parts will not be damaged heat. Meanwhile lining also has good insulation properties, reduce heat loss, improve heat utilization of high-temperature furnace.
So how high-temperature furnace lining is damaged, if not timely maintenance then cause damage to other parts of the furnace, so always check the furnace lining damage is critical. Specific inspection method is the use of stress fluctuation signal of structural defects have a high sensitivity of the characteristics of high-temperature furnace lining inspection, when the stress wave encounters holes, cracks and other interface when the media spread, discontinuity occurs reflection, refraction, scattering and mode conversion, so you can determine whether the high-temperature furnace lining and other cracks or holes.


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