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Procedure Protech vacuum furnace

Time:2015-07-06 09:35
1, open oven ready
1) Check the electrical fittings are tight and the components are clean, normal.
2) Measure the insulation resistance of not less than 2,000 in Europe.
3) adjusting the temperature control instruments, time relays, etc., to match the thermal process specification requirements.
4) Open the back filled with nitrogen switch.
5) Open the pneumatic air supply switch.
6) Turn on the main water-cooling system switch.
7) The main power switch is closed.
8) The magnetic regulator, control the master switch on the cabinet together.
9) Open the cooling chamber electromagnetic release valve, to deflate the furnace.
2, furnace steps:
1) Open the shut-off valve for each water-cooling system, to ensure smooth drainage, furnace work during drainage temperature should not exceed 35 ℃ to prevent fouling.
2) Open the lid, the workpiece into the furnace cooling chamber, and then close the lid.
3) Start a mechanical pump.
4) Open the vacuum valve for cooling water cooling chamber is evacuated, when the cooling chamber and heating chamber vacuum degree similar to the following procedures can be carried out.
5) Open the vacuum insulating door.
6) the workpiece, the workpiece vehicle into the heating chamber.
7) of the workpiece, the workpiece vehicles decreased the workpiece parked in the hearth.
8) of the workpiece the car back to the cooling chamber.
9) Close the vacuum insulating door.
10) takes heat chamber vacuum valve.
11) the degree of vacuum ≤670Pa, start mechanical increase pump.
12) When the degree of vacuum to 2.7Pa, ohmic heating, heating, insulation (according to process requirements).
13) holding the end off the heating chamber, vacuum valve and stop the mechanical cooling chamber to increase the pressure pump.
14) a mechanical pump to stop working.
15) Open the vacuum insulating door. At the same time
16) off the furnace heating was stopped.
17) Work car into the heating chamber.
18) handling the workpiece cylinder rises, the workpiece vehicle hold the workpiece.
19) Work car and returned to the cooling chamber piece.
20) Close the vacuum insulating door.
21) to the cold chamber filled with nitrogen, the pressure to 0.06MPa.
22) to start the cooling fan.
23) the workpiece is cooled to about 120 ℃, shut fan.
24) On a cold chamber release valve, the furnace inflated to atmospheric conditions. 25) Open the lid, remove the workpiece.
3, shutdown
1) Turn off the switch back filled with nitrogen.
2) close the pneumatic air supply switch.
3) When the oven temperature drops below 120 ℃, turn off the main switch and the part of the water shut-off valve.
4) pull the power switch.
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