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Vacuum furnace and tube furnace associated Learn

Time:2015-07-08 09:03
Bidirectional pressure vacuum sintering furnace hydraulic system with electric input. Hydraulic station is equipped with imported proportional valve, pressure sensors, displacement display with scale (ranging accuracy 0.02mm), hydraulic cylinders and other related equipment, semi-automatic pressure regulator can be manually adjusted. The instrument can be set to automatically adjust the pressure, and to achieve regulation, packing.
Tube furnace points: vacuum tube furnace atmosphere tube furnace; ordinary tube furnaces, rotary tube furnace, multi-tube furnace; heating element vacuum furnace temperature field characteristics of the formation of a vacuum furnace is generally circular arrangement. Relatively common vacuum heating furnace, its heat transfer only radiation, conduction and convection without; have conduction, convection and radiation in three ways during non-vacuum heating, wherein the convection, conduction and depending on the pressure of the furnace and the ordinary (normal pressure) different. When the pressure is less than 1 × 105Pa (absolute pressure, conventional oven approximate working pressure), which convection, conduction is less than the conventional oven. Split tube furnace, one tube furnace, vertical tube furnace, horizontal tube furnace; vacuum furnace control high degree of automation, it's basically at the level and simple analog gauges manual operation, the operator not only labor strength, but also likely to cause run accident.
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