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Characteristics of tubular furnace and how to clean it

Time:2020-09-05 16:51
Zhengzhou Protech Co., Ltd. is development and production of high-temperature furnace, tube furnace, box furnace, vacuum furnace, laboratory furnace professional manufacturers.
1.One production tube furnace having a quality characteristic.
2. Furnace material new look all imported Morgan made fibers (more than 80% energy saving effect is old furnace)
3. Accuracy (Temperature accuracy: ± 1 ℃ temperature accuracy: ± 1 ℃)
4 30% thermal insulation properties (thermal power at less than the total power)
5 control (microcomputer control, programmable 40 segment curve, automatic heating / cooling)
6. The working environment (anti. Interference, 1200 ℃ case temperature ≤50 ℃ improve the work environment)
7. Heating element distribution of furnace / heat pipe on both sides, you can add a variety of gas!
8. Vacuum: 0.01 to -0.1 (MPa) 9 on both sides of the stainless steel tube with a metal head sealing, simple operation (manual adjustment) to good effect.   
Since the tube furnace is widely used in testing and production of refractory materials, electronics, ceramics, metallurgy, machinery, building materials, specialty materials, new materials development and other areas, avoiding not produce tube junction carbon residue or coke, etc., in the face of this Problems Zhengzhou Protech muffle furnace manufacturer of cleaning methods generally have physical cleaning and chemical cleaning method two kinds.
Physical cleaning the pipe using mechanical force to crush accumulated carbon residue, and then the high-speed air stream blown debris, so the pipeline flow. Chemical cleaning is destroyed by a chemical reaction of carbon residue structure or reaction with carbon residue, slag achieve the purpose. Because of the characteristics of the tube furnace, the inner tube 180 ° out-punching elbow connection. If physical cleaning, a cleaning finite distance, required in a tube furnace hearth furnace tube multiple internal door, hop-hop-cleaning after welding, before purged with high velocity gas purge a long time and is very convenient.
The use of aerated gasification combustion of chemical cleaning, just outside the tube furnace oil-rich inlet and outlet pipe opening, cleaning is completed at once, without re-opening many welding, saving time and labor. Since the gasification burning completely, cleaning was also very thorough.


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