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Vacuum furnace cooling system What is the importance

Time:2015-07-10 09:37
Vacuum furnace refers to a state close to vacuum heated by electric heating elements for industrial furnaces. Vacuum furnace cooling system is an important part of the vacuum furnace. Cooling water should be kept smooth through, otherwise the water temperature downtime. This is a major destruction may result in the vacuum furnace work is often ignored when unattended vacuum furnace.         
Vacuum furnace molybdenum heater will appear after prolonged use harden, shrink, falling, lodging first lap, after fusing (melting) phenomenon. For the vacuum furnace heating wire the requisite strength at high temperature, anti-line hardening, collapse or sag, first to design a structure the size of a vacuum furnace heating wire, such as spiral resistance wire, pay attention to the heating element bend diameter, pitch and helix Trail and the like. Heater insulation is about to loose by vacuum furnace linings, insulation lining put in 95 ceramic pieces, leaving its proper expansion space. Resting position to fit, usually in a 100 ~ 200mm, and can prevent the resistance wire sturdy hook lie. Also should avoid direct contact with each other furnace wire (short), generally pad spacer.         
Using biodegradable chemical assisted approach to cooling water, the purpose is to keep the minerals in suspension, reducing the hose, and the water jacket serpentine precipitate accumulation, so that the water flow. This is typically done using an automated system, which can monitor the conductivity of the water, automatic replenishment chemicals, wash water, add fresh water. And affiliated with the vapor filtration system, this approach can also ensure that the water of pH control, prevent unnecessary mineral deposits in the cooling water system. After the system is stable, at least once a month to prevent water quality tests had been treated or under treatment.           
Vacuum furnace shell heat exchanger materials and test samples should be placed in the water system, do a weight loss test every year to check the effect of treatment. Diffusion pump serpentine cooler must pay special attention. It should be regularly checked. If blocked, the diffusion pump will overheat and loss of function, but also lead to further diffusion pump heater burned, causing an expensive, time-consuming repairs. When the serpentine cooling pipes clogged, disconnect the water with water, drain and blow out with compressed air or washed with a dilute acetic acid solution. Zhengzhou Protech company is research and development, production furnace professional manufacturers. Its products are heating up fast (20-40 points), energy saving, high precision temperature control, good insulation properties, microcomputer control, programmable automatic heating, cooling, furnace wall temperatures close to room temperature, such as Unisys conditions; widely used in ceramics, chemicals Experimental and production of electronics, metallurgy, new materials development, mechanical, refractory materials, building materials, specialty materials, and other areas. The majority of new and old customers.


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