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Common faults and troubleshooting of vacuum hot pressing furnace

Time:2020-09-05 16:51
Vacuum hot pressing furnace Common Faults and exclusion method
High vacuum pumping on but does not leak (mean value vacuum gauge does not move for a long time) Possible reasons:
1. High vacuum gauge tube aging           
2. Diffusion pump oil aging Solution: Replace the vacuum gauge; replace the diffusion pump oil. Thermocouple automatic access failure, warning lights alarm
Possible reasons:
1. Inner and outer limit failure.          
2. Out of the motor does not turn.
Solution: Adjust or replace the stopper inside and outside; testing whether the motor is already bad, as bad replacement of the same type of motor. (Note) should be observed before the heating furnace within the limit indicator light should be lit. Low vacuum was not on but does not leak (mean value vacuum gauge does not move for a long time) Possible reasons:
1. Low vacuum gauge operating current is incorrect.           
2. Mechanical Pump Oil aging
Solution: Adjust the operating current regulatory vacuum; replace mechanical pump oil. Over-temperature alarm and warning lights on
Possible reasons:
1. Over-temperature furnace          
2. Instrument setting incorrect Solution: Press the manual reset over-temperature alarm parameter After a period of time the temperature does not rise up Possible causes: heater resistance value is increased. Solution: According to instructions to transfer large output power meter; severe aging only replacement heater Overcurrent control cabinet panel light is on and alarm Possible causes: Short circuit heater Solution: Open the lid heater observe whether there is a short circuit troubleshooting. Without water light is on and alarm Possible reasons:
1. Did not open the valve           
2. Low water pressure
Workaround: open the valve; increase water pressure.


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