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Structural features Protech vacuum hardening furnace

Time:2015-09-07 10:28
Among this category in a vacuum oven, vacuum quenching furnace is the most widely used and most representative of typical device, Protech Furnace has a complete and scientific quality management system, standardization of production workshop, with an annual production capacity of 1,000 units furnace the scale of production among the forefront of the industry, is the influential experimental furnace, industrial furnace manufacturer. protech vacuum hardening furnace has the following characteristics:
1, strict vacuum seal As we all know, the workpiece is heated vacuum heat treatment and quenching in a sealed vacuum furnace, thus ensuring that the work of the degree of vacuum hardening furnace, vacuum heat treatment to ensure the quality of the parts has a very important significance. To ensure the vacuum performance of the vacuum furnace, vacuum furnace body with protech hermetic welding, the above few openings to minimize the chances of a vacuum leak. Such as water-cooled electrodes attached to the vacuum furnace parts, accessories, thermocouple derivation means are also sealed structure.
2, most of the heating and insulation material can only be used in a vacuum state Vacuum hardening furnace heating and insulation lining work in a vacuum with a high temperature, these materials have high temperature, low vapor pressure, radiation effects, thermal conductivity and other characteristics. As most domestic vacuum hardening furnace used mainly for heating and insulation structure of graphite material, which is easily oxidized in the atmosphere heated state, therefore, the conventional heat treatment furnace can not use these heating and insulation materials, vacuum protech Furnace imported oxide fibers made of aluminum vacuum better insulation effect.
3, the cooling device Vacuum furnace furnace shell, the lid, the heating element (water-cooled electrode), an intermediate vacuum insulating door and other components, are working in a vacuum, heated state. In this extremely unfavorable conditions of work, each member must ensure that the structure is not deformed, not damaged, vacuum heat seals but not burned. Thus, each member is provided with a cooling device according to different situations, in order to ensure the normal operation of the vacuum furnace and a sufficient service life.
4, the workpiece is heated with low voltage and high current in a vacuum heat treatment furnace, when the degree of vacuum to several hundred Pa (Pa), the current-carrying conductor at a higher voltage, it will produce a glow discharge phenomenon, serious will produce arc discharge, burning heating elements, insulation, resulting in major accidents and losses. Therefore, the operating voltage vacuum heat treatment furnace heating element, generally not more than 80-100 volts. At the same heating element to avoid a sharp member, the spacing between the electrodes can not be too narrow, so as to prevent the glow discharge or arc discharge occurs.
5, the high degree of automation Because heating metal parts and cooling operation, you need a dozen or even dozens of action to complete. These actions are carried out in a vacuum furnace, the operator can not be close.
At the same time, some actions, such as the end of the heating insulation, metal workpieces and hardening processes shall be more actions to be completed in a relatively short time. In such a condition to the completion of many rapid action, it is likely to cause tension operators constitute misuse. Therefore, protech vacuum furnace using a high automation program to control


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