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Present situation and development of vacuum heat treatment furnace industry

Time:2020-09-05 16:51
Vacuum heat treatment furnace industry status quo and development prospect
Vacuum heat treatment with no oxidation, decarbonization, bright surface, deformation small, non-polluting, energy-saving, high degree of automation, as well as for a wide range of advantages, is one of the heat treatment developed quite rapidly in recent years of new technologies, especially in the Surface Modification of Aeronautical Materials gained a great deal of progress.  
Many new development of advanced heat treatment technology, such as vacuum high pressure gas quenching, vacuum heat treatment and other chemical, also need a vacuum before being implemented. Vacuum heat treatment technology allows construction materials, tooling quality and life has been greatly improved, especially for some of the heat treatment of precision parts.  
With the development of technology of vacuum heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment equipment such as vacuum furnace, vacuum hardening furnace, vacuum annealing furnace, vacuum carburizing furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum brazing furnace in the country can be successfully developed, vacuum furnaces in industry manufacturing technology and equipment has improved continuously, the degree of vacuum is gradually reached the international level, but there is a certain gap with foreign countries, especially to be on a stable precision devices ultrahigh vacuum furnace performance on the fine processing automation and devices improve the level of preparation. Further development of testing technology and measurement instruments also have a great impact on the vacuum equipment, especially automatic test and control technology. Ultimate vacuum in the vacuum device, accurate measurement and performance indicators working vacuum, air furnace evacuation time, pressure rise rate, temperature uniformity and air furnace heating time and other parameters are mainly vacuum furnace performance.  
In industrialized countries, the proportion of vacuum heat treatment furnace has reached about 20 percent, while China currently has about 1,200 vacuum heat treatment furnace, accounting for about 1% of the total heat treatment furnace, a large gap with foreign countries, are expected in the future as the Heat Treatment Industry technological advances and treatment of the workpiece quality have become increasingly demanding, vacuum heat treatment will have a greater development.


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