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Vacuum atmosphere furnace problems and eliminate way

Time:2016-06-30 15:15
Zhengzhou protech Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to introduce a vacuum atmosphere furnace to remove some of the common problems and approaches:
1, the high temperature experiments, such as a temperature change of the experimental temperature values can not be achieved, it is possible to view the electrical system, one by one eliminate problems. As the temperature rises very slowly, it is necessary to view the air circulation system, look at the air conditioning cycle shutter is not open properly, on the contrary, they view the motor operation is not normal air circulation. If the temperature overshoot fierce then you need to set the parameters tuning PID. If the temperature rises directly, over temperature maintenance, then the manipulator go wrong, to be replaced by manipulation appearance.

2, the temperature can not reach the goal of the experiment, then you have to investigate changes in temperature, the temperature drop is very slow, is still to a certain temperature after the value of temperature rise, the former should look, do cryogenic vacuum atmosphere furnace Before the experiment is not the job drying chamber, so that the working chamber and then to keep dry test sample into a job to do too much indoor experiment job sample chamber is not positioned so that the job can not be plenty of indoor air circulation, in After sweeping the above reasons, we should ponder is not a refrigeration system problems, so we must ask the manufacturer for repair professionals.
3, when the device is still in the experimental operation of the process presents problems, control problems appear showing the corresponding prompt and a voice alarm appearance. The operator can control the operation of the equipment in use to eliminate the problems in the chapter quickly attributed to view what kind of problems, you can ask professionals to quickly eliminate the problems, in order to ensure the normal operation of the experiment. Other environmental test equipment in use in other appearance will be, it would have to detail the appearance and analysis and remove.


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