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protech box furnace heating tips

Time:2015-09-15 09:05
protech box furnace heating tips
High temperature box furnace in industrial ovens inside be very representative of the heating device, whether it is the heating time box-type furnace or furnace loading determination is need skill, and if operational errors, will be on the furnace damage, and it will affect work results box furnace. Therefore Protech box furnace Equipment Co., Ltd. to you have the following suggestions:
First, to determine the operating temperature box furnace, box furnace in the heating process, if the resistance of nickel chromium wire material, usually we will set the furnace body temperature between 920 ° C to 940 ° C; if resistance wire iron-chromium material, we put oven set to 960 ° C to 980 ° C; if resistance wire material is a material containing niobium alloy composition, put oven set to 960 ° C to 980 ° C.
Secondly, the question is installed furnace capacity, installed furnace capacity chamber furnaces are usually based on the use of space and power furnace furnace to develop. Developed a number of materials usually ranking furnace installed, the front wall surface temperature reaches the rated temperature, so that after each loading furnace can quickly return to the rated temperature, of course, if installed furnace capacity does not match with the furnace power, This will cause the furnace temperature is difficult to recover, it will affect the computation time. We recommend filling in batches according to the situation.
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