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You know how much knowledge atmosphere furnace

Time:2015-10-23 10:09
Zhengzhou protech Ltd. would like to ask everyone's understanding of the atmosphere furnace in the end? We now range from the atmosphere furnace, control, temperature requirements, atmosphere furnace for everyone to talk about several aspects of the structure.
1. Scope Atmosphere furnace is the national standard cycle-type energy efficient furnace operation, mainly used in steel mills, steel, machinery processing, chemical machine, heavy industry, metallurgy smelting, casting, forging, flange rings, steel components, drawing, environmental protection equipment, machinery supporting enterprises, loaders, diesel engines, military and other industries heat treatment plant heating.
2. Control Control the use of contactors, SCR, solid state, module, electronic digital display, intelligent digital display, computer, PID, PLC, remote control, centralized control, program control, recorded in park map, long multi-point chart paper recorder also with LCD paperless recorder records.
3. Temperature Requirements Atmosphere furnace by a high-temperature furnace, the temperature in the furnace, low-temperature furnace points, furnaces highest temperature within 1200 ℃, the temperature of the furnace within 950 ℃, low temperature furnace within 650 ℃, were selected according to their product features, furnace size, load orders according to customer requirements.
4. Atmosphere furnace structure All-fiber structure made of aluminum dumped Sitan module built into the furnace, hearth lightweight insulation bricks and heavy bricks masonry, heating element using resistance wire and resistance strip heating furnace shell is made of steel plate and steel production, lid with manual or mechanical transmission; furnace temperature specific configuration according to customer requirements and design features.


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