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About porcelain furnace dental lab equipment

Time:2016-08-08 17:43
Yesterday an Indian friend came to me and asked, we bought porcelain furnace dental lab equipment from a Chinese manufacturer(One of our competitors), but the tray always get stuck when going up or down, and asked me how to solve this problem. I think this is not a rare problem among users, sometimes the tray gets stuck, sometimes they shake during going up or down, all these problems will lead to serious consequences if not solved. If users can take off the back door of this furnace, they will see two silver pillar, these two pillars are actually the track of the tray, so like a rail to a train, these two pillar must be installed at the right location without any deviation, so the tray will go up and down smoothly. Since this is a very complex task, so I don’t think this poor Indian customer will fix it himself, he could only send the furnace back to China, and the Chinese manufacturer will send it back after requirement. To avoid this mistake, before leaving our factory, every furnace will be checked and tested over and over again so it will work perfectly for our customers, that’s what we do. Protech Furnace,there are high cost-effective on our lab furnace and dental furnace.


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