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High temperature Trolley electric furnace for sale

Time:2017-08-16 17:54

High temperature trolley type electric furnace for sale

High temperature trolley electric furnace is made of high quality steel and steel plate welding. High strength light 0.6g/cm3 energy-saving refractory brick and high temperature resistant aluminium silicate fiber felt are used as lining. The heating element is made of iron chromium aluminum high resistance electrothermal alloy (0cr25Al5) high strength refractory wound into a spiral placed in the furnace is put on the bricks. And according to the needs of users, increase the protective atmosphere or change the inclined door to strengthen the tightness. The temperature control system adopts a position temperature control cabinet or a thyristor temperature control cabinet. The product has the advantages of fast heating, good heat preservation, precise control, energy saving, safe and reliable use, etc.. The parts processed by this equipment can be uniformly organized, and the quality is stable and reliable.
 high-temperature bogie hearth furnace is a new type of energy-saving industrial furnace. The furnace adopts a fiber structure, and the efficiency is 60% higher than that in the traditional furnace.

High temperature trolley type electric furnace for sale


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