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Note the use of muffle furnace

Time:2017-09-11 17:33
1, muffle furnace heating rod is very brittle, fragile, do not touch any one heating rod damaged equipment can not be heated, and the replacement is more expensive.
2, switch door muffle, light a light off, the door is damaged, not seal.
3, the use of the muffle furnace, the power switch off the power first order, then finally heating thermostat, the order can not be anti, no shutdown order requirements.
4, the muffle furnace at high temperature of 900 DEG C, can prevent the open door, caused by cold air heating rod quench embrittlement.
5, cooling to muffle furnace at high temperature, high temperature, can not open the door directly to cool down, turn off the power and cooling temperature.
6, the muffle furnace at 1200 DEG C, the human eye can not directly see the internal high temperature muffle furnace, heating rod high brightness may cause human eye burns.
7, heating the goods, pay attention to goods items in the melting point, high temperature resistant vessel, if the goods flow in direct heating melting furnace, caused the damage, unable to use muffle furnace.
8, heating stage, muffle furnace current to 90%, insulation stage, muffle furnace current to 50%.
9, replace the maintenance equipment, switch off the power supply switch, especially when replacing the silicon molybdenum rod, remember to replace the equipment before and after the details.
10, the use of personnel to do their own protection; high temperature gloves and protective glasses.
11, when the temperature adjustment, the first two sections of the temperature can not be adjusted, the first two sections of the temperature for the protection of equipment, if artificial mobilization, it will cause damage to silicon molybdenum bars.
12, do not understand, do not move!

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