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Chemical vapor deposition equipment

Time:2018-01-12 17:27

Chemical vapor deposition equipment

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process is mainly composed of reaction chamber, gas supply system and heating system. The reaction chamber is the most basic part of CVD, often made of quartz tube, and its wall can be divided into hot and cold states. At room temperature, chemical vapor deposition of the raw materials are not necessarily gas, if the source material is heated to form a reaction liquid material, steam or gaseous reactants, forming gaseous substance into the deposition area, carried by the carrier gas into the furnace; if the source material is solid material, generally through a certain gas and the gas - solid or gas - liquid reaction, the formation of gaseous group proper, gaseous group will produce output into a reaction chamber, loaded before the deposition area in these reactions, generally do not want to react with each other, between them so will mutually in the low temperature material should be separated before entering the deposition area. The first two types of reactor wall and the raw materials are not heated, the so-called cold wall reactor, in general, the reaction of this kind of reactor is gas or high vapor pressure material at room temperature; the raw material area and the reactor wall type two is heating, hot wall reaction is the so-called, heating reactor is to prevent condensation reaction.


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