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What is the process of making the porcelain teeth

Time:2018-01-16 17:46

What is the process of making the porcelain teeth

Porcelain teeth are the full crown restorations formed by the high temperature sintering of porcelain powder on the surface of the metal inner crown. PFM crown is the most widely used crown prosthesis nowadays. It has both the advantages of casting metal crown, mechanical strength and the appearance of all ceramic crown. It is an ideal prosthesis. So what are the process of making the porcelain teeth? What are the process of making the porcelain teeth? 1, the treatment plan and complete the preparatory work before restoration: the doctor according to the patients remaining tooth tooth defect causes, defect size, defect position of the tooth, occlusion and mouth, eating habits and patient requirements well planned repair plan, choose suitable type of prosthesis. Various preparatory work before repair, including root canal treatment of dental pulp, root tip disease, periodontal treatment, orthodontic treatment before repair, etc. 2, tooth preparation: Doctor tooth preparation according to the type of prosthesis, the mouth of the remaining teeth, teeth defect position and occlusion, to provide space for the restoration of repair. For 3, impression and model: the tooth preparation is completed, the doctor select the appropriate impression materials and making impression casting plaster model. For the edge designed teeth under gingival, it is necessary to use gingival retraction line or other methods to remove gums, so that the impression materials can enter into them, forming clear and accurate edge shape, and ensuring the shape and cohesion of the edge of the prosthesis. 4, the restoration ratio (1) color perception and discrimination of the doctor for patients with Yu Liuya color information; (2) recording color characteristics of teeth; (3) through the technical processing of a single or a computer network image transmission way to accurately transfer the color information of porcelain technician. 5. The mechanic production of the repair body


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  • Graphene vacuum furnace
  • High Vacuum Rotating Tilt Tube Furnace
  • Benchtop furnace

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