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Drying box manufacturers and maintenance and maintenance

Time:2018-01-29 15:30

Drying box manufacturers and maintenance and maintenance

Drying oven, also known as drying oven, is mainly used for drying electronic components, industrial and agricultural, medical and health, plastic machinery, production workshop or laboratory of universities and scientific research departments. Which is divided into two kinds of blast drying and vacuum drying, drying by circulating fan blowing hot air, ensure the temperature balance, vacuum drying is the use of vacuum pump will be drawn in the air, let the atmospheric pressure lower than atmospheric pressure, make the product testing in a clean state, is a kind of equipment commonly used, mainly used for drying samples, can also provide the required temperature environment
1, the current consumption of the drying box is relatively large, therefore, it uses the power line switch, fuse, plug and socket should have sufficient capacity. In order to receive good ground wire safety box shell. 2, the articles in the box should not be overcrowded and overcrowded. If the dry goods are wetter, the exhaust window should be opened up. When heating, the blower can be opened so that the steam can be accelerated out of the box. But don't let the blower run for a long time and pay attention to the proper rest. 3. On the heat sink below the dry box, things can not be placed so as not to roast the bad items or to cause the burning. 4, on the glass of dry heat sterilization, etc. the temperature decrease shall, in order to open the door out, lest the glass burst suddenly cold. 5. It is strictly forbidden to put inflammable, explosive and volatile articles in the box so as to avoid accidents. 6, if the need to observe the temperature indoor items, can open the door, across the glass door in observation. The number of open doors should not be too much, so as not to affect the constant temperature. Drying equipment, sinopep company specialized in the production of granulating equipment, mixing equipment, crushing equipment, dust removal equipment. Strong technical force, the use of CAD design, a modern large heavy workshop, strictly according to modern enterprises
Drying box manufacturers


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