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Rapid maintenance of manual press

Time:2018-02-10 08:36

Rapid maintenance of manual powder press machine

When repairing the powder press machine, a rigid material (such as iron pad, mould base, etc.) should be placed on the working surface of the powder press machine;s working cylinder, which must not press the plastic object and mould with the sample pressed. If the pressure meter does not work properly, if the pressure gauge is not displayed or the pressure meter has a very small number, it can be solved by the following method. 1. first check whether the working cylinder is up. Tighten the oil valve, to the upper spin high adjustment screw 1 cm or so, shaking the rocker before and after to see whether the working cylinder rises. If the rise proves that the press does not fail too much. 2. screw down the screw of the high pressure valve (the screw on the left in the vertical front of the front). Shake the rocker before and after running out of some hydraulic oil, screw the screw up, but do not tighten it. Then continue rocking the rocker. The oil and gas will flow out from the clearance of the screw until there is no bubble, then tighten the screw step by step, so that screws do not leak. 3. the pressure observation press, according to the normal working way, has returned to normal. 4. if it does not work please pull the joystick to the horizontal direction before the pressure gauge screw and unscrew the pressurization pressure valve (on the right side of the table after the pressure screw below), oiling screw hole to pressurization pressure valve, oil filling method is gradually raised gradually in the refueling process rocker (for example, each raised 20-30 degrees angle to fill up until the push back to about 140-150 degrees only), tighten the screws to screw supercharger low-pressure valve without leakage shall prevail. 5. general conditions at this time the press can be restored to normal work. 6. if it is not normal work should be in accordance with article (2) treatment measures just unscrew screws from the screw hole in the spring and remove the ball using tissue or gasoline, alcohol and other cleaning wipe clean the ball, the ball will then put the spring back after the screw screw screw hole Unscrew the rest of the process (2) to handle the 7. cleaning and oil injection process, please do not mix any foreign objects into the valve holes, so that the one-way valve can not work. The 8. rocker should be swinging in the normal range of 0-130 degrees. When pushed to the final push, do not push hard to avoid damage to the components. If the components are damaged, please remove the rocker bar immediately and hand it over to the Department concerned to repair it, otherwise, the damaged cylinder will not be repaired, and it will be scrapped. The pressure gauge pressure gauge is normal use measuring instruments belonging to the instrument in the use of the process should not be careful use of excessive force, so press pressure after the pressure gauge shows the number of more than 50% of full scale pressure gauge when decompression should be slow decompression to hand impact (impact over the General Assembly will be hand don't shift back to zero or exceed the pressure gauge or inaccurate positioning column cannot be used


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