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Emergency treatment of vacuum annealing furnace

Time:2018-08-07 09:49

Emergency treatment of vacuum annealing furnace

1. objective 1.1. to ensure that the equipment and equipment can be effectively protected when a sudden power failure occurs in the normal production process, so as to prevent accidents and minimize losses. Emergency personnel 2. range 2.1. (skilled operators, shift production team leader, equipment maintenance personnel, engineering personnel, director or associate), communication tools to implement. 3., the emergency problem and the way to deal with it. 3.1. problem: when the power failure occurs during the production of vacuum annealing furnace, the annealing furnace will be cooled down and the cooling water pump will stop running. The way to deal with the problem is to turn off the hydrogen nitrogen mixture gas pipeline valve, open the nitrogen gas pipeline valve, discharge the hydrogen from the vacuum annealing furnace, and transfer the cooling water to the emergency tap water supply. 3.2. problem: cooling water pump bad treatment: cooling water conversion to emergency water supply; report equipment for maintenance. 3.3. problem: hydrogen and nitrogen mixture pressure is 0 treatment: shut down hydrogen and nitrogen gas transmission pipe valve, open nitrogen gas pipeline valve. The reporting equipment is maintained for maintenance. If a long time no hydrogen nitrogen mixture, stop production, annealing furnace cooling. 3.4. problem: tap water treatment method: report equipment maintenance, 3.5. problem is: electrical fault treatment: vacuum annealing furnace stop production, cooling treatment. Report equipment maintenance.
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