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Why is low temperature heat treatment higher than high tempe

Time:2018-04-13 13:54
Why is low temperature heat treatment higher than high temperature heat treatment?
The material used in the heat treatment comparison test of aluminum lithium alloy is why the hardness of the high temperature treatment is lower than that of the corresponding cryogenic treatment during the aging process. Aging temperature. The relationship between aging temperature and age hardening effect (hardness) is the same for fixed alloys. The maximum hardening effect can be obtained at a certain aging temperature, which is called the best aging temperature. The aging temperature of alloys with different compositions is different from that obtained by maximum aging. Usually it's low temperature and long time. Is your temperature the same in different time? If it is, the aging test of high temperature may have been over aging. It can be explained that the increase of temperature at any time or the prolongation of time, the accumulation of the particle of the theta phase, the strength and hardness of the alloy decrease further, and the alloy softens and is called "over aging". The theta phase grows and grows thicker.


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