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What are the differences between atmosphere protection furnace and vacuum furnace?


First of all, the meaning of vacuum furnace is high vacuum, because its structure is circular and can draw high vacuum. Why do we need atmosphere protection furnace with vacuum furnace? It depends on the price. The price of the general vacuum furnace is about 20W, while the price of the small atmosphere protection furnace is only about 2W. If the vacuum required by the customer is not high, and the atmosphere protection furnace can meet his needs, how do you choose. In addition, the atmosphere protection furnace generally has one side of air inlet and one side of air outlet, which can also prevent the air from entering the furnace and completely meet the demand of commodity processing.

The atmosphere protection furnace means that it can pass the atmosphere, such as nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, carbon monoxide and other gases, to meet customers’ demand for commodity processing. The structure of the atmosphere protection furnace means that an improved version of the ordinary muffle furnace is upgraded. On the basis of the muffle furnace, the box is fully welded, and then the sealing of the furnace body is achieved through silicone rubber. The furnace door is equipped with a cooling water system. There are several inlet and outlet valves on the furnace body, a pressure gauge, and a vacuum pump. The customer can take in air on one side and take out air on the other. At the same time, it can also vacuumize and flush positive pressure. However, the vacuum degree is certain. The atmosphere protection furnace produced in the market is generally square, and its structure determines that it cannot draw a high vacuum degree.

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