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Understanding the Temperature Control System of Vacuum Annea

Time:2019-08-24 08:53
Many people use vacuum annealing furnace, but do you know how its real temperature control system works? The following is a brief introduction to the working process of the control system by Notai Technology.
Vacuum annealing is one of the important processes of vacuum heat treatment. Vacuum annealing furnace is a very common equipment for vacuum annealing. The key technology in the heating process of vacuum annealing furnace is temperature control. The accuracy of temperature control directly affects the quality of the workpiece. Therefore, on the basis of the existing temperature control methods of vacuum annealing furnace, it is of great significance to study new and advanced temperature control strategies for improving the quality of the workpiece.
The process of temperature control in vacuum annealing furnace is complex and changeable, and there are many phenomena such as time delay, strong interference, strong coupling and non-linearity, which increase the difficulty of temperature control.
So today we take the vertical vacuum annealing furnace as the research object to analyze the structure, process and main technological parameters of the vertical vacuum annealing furnace. The heat conduction mode and temperature control mathematical model of the vacuum annealing furnace are studied. According to the characteristics of the above vacuum annealing furnace temperature control, the design is based on the fuzzy neural network. Multi-temperature decoupling temperature control strategy based on network PID control.
Temperature control strategy is to design a single temperature zone fuzzy neural network PID controller to complete on-line tuning of PID parameters in each temperature zone of vacuum annealing furnace, then decoupling control of multi-temperature zone of annealing furnace is realized by pre-feedback decoupling method, and finally temperature control of multi-temperature zone of annealing furnace is realized.
According to the control requirement, the heating system of vacuum annealing furnace is composed of industrial computer, PLC, power regulator, thermocouple and so on. The temperature control of annealing furnace is realized by combining the multi-temperature zone temperature control strategy designed in the upper computer software. The upper monitoring system of vacuum annealing furnace is designed and developed in VS2012 self-developed environment by C# language. The system realizes the functions of real-time display of system working condition and dynamic data, query of historical data, display of historical curve, fault alarm and so on.
Although these do not need us to be particularly clear, but understanding one or two will be helpful for our future operation. Zhengzhou Nortai Science and Technology Professional Manufacturing Laboratory heat treatment equipment, any questions can contact us at any time.


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