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What is the essential heating equipment in the laboratory

Time:2020-09-05 16:36
First of all, the laboratory electric furnace is indispensable.
Electric furnaces, like gas lamps, are commonly used heating equipment in laboratories. Electric furnace mainly relies on a resistance wire (commonly nickel-chromium alloy wire) to generate heat through current, which is often called electric furnace wire.
Another kind of electric furnace, which can regulate different calorific value, is often called "universal electric furnace". There is a single knife multi-position switch under the hearth plate. There are several contacting points on the switch. There is an additional resistance between the two contacting points. The additional resistance is sleeved with a plurality of porcelain tubes to avoid short circuit or leakage injury caused by contacting each other and contacting with the shell of the electric furnace. By means of the rotation of sliding metal sheets, the magnitude of the additional resistance connected in series with the furnace wire can be changed to adjust the current intensity through the furnace wire, so as to achieve the purpose of regulating the heating capacity of the furnace. As shown in the following figure
lab furnace
muffle furnace
The second indispensable is the electric heating plate and the electric heating sleeve.
In fact, the electric heating plate is a closed electric furnace, which is usually rectangular or circular in shape and can adjust the temperature. There are many heating objects on the board at the same time, and there is no open fire. Electric heating plate is a conventional digestion equipment approved and accepted by domestic laboratories in recent 10 years. The electric heating plate has good temperature control, high stability and strong safety, which can help the experimenters solve some problems faced by the electric furnace digestion to a large extent. However, there are also some shortcomings of the electric heating plate: large energy consumption, low thermal energy utilization, small effective heating area, limited sample handling, and poor homogeneity of the experimental results.
Electric heating jacket is a special equipment for heating round bottom flask for distillation. The shell is made into hemisphere. The inner part is composed of electric heating wire, insulating material and insulation material. The suitable electric heating jacket is selected according to the size of the flask. When used, the auto-voltage regulator is often connected to adjust the required temperature.
The third is the digestion furnace.
The digestion furnace adopts the well electric heating mode, which makes the sample heated in the well electric heating furnace to obtain better thermal effect, shortens the digestion and cooking time of the sample, and thus improves the detection speed of the determination of the content of organic substances such as protein. The heater (module) is made of infrared quartz tube, strong acid and alkali resistance, explosion-proof, long service life and conforms to CE standard.
It is characterized by large heating area of digestive tube, small temperature difference, good consistency of sample digestion and high thermal efficiency, which is conducive to sample digestion. Temperature control adopts digital display temperature control instrument, accurate temperature control, fast temperature rise. At the same time, SO2 and other harmful gases spilled from the digestion tube are discharged into the sewer through the sewage collection pipe on the digestion furnace through a suction pump, effectively inhibiting the escape of harmful gases.
In addition, some of the equipment also need to be used. Pay attention to our Notai technology, and provide you with more knowledge and skills.


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