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Introduction of New Vacuum Atmosphere Tube Furnace

Time:2019-09-19 13:45

Vacuum Atmosphere Tube Furnace Uses:

Vacuum atmosphere tubular furnace is mainly suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units, laboratories of colleges and universities, etc. Chemical analysis, physical determination in various atmospheres have been widely used in powder metallurgy, ceramic metallization, phosphor, battery materials, electronic ceramics, chemical raw materials, nanomaterials and other products research and small batch production.

Vacuum Atmosphere Tube Furnace

Product characteristics:

1. Stainless steel seals and corundum tubes (alumina and ordinary corundum tubes are optional) are selected for vacuum atmosphere tubular furnace, and the sealing effect is good.

2. Insulation materials are light insulation bricks and high-quality aluminium silicate refractory fiber cotton. Vacuum can be pumped out in the furnace, and the ventilating atmosphere is nitrogen, hydrogen, inert gas, ammonia decomposition gas. The gas system is equipped with flowmeter, pressure reducing valve and globe valve. The equipment is sealed by integral shell and tube at both ends. The sealing is sealed by silicone rubber and water-cooled.

3. Material and temperature control instrument are similar to vacuum atmosphere box resistance furnace.

4. A new type of electric furnace with high performance and energy saving developed by ourselves with advanced international advanced technology. The product has advanced and reasonable structure. The furnace is constructed with international common ceramic fibreboard through unique process, and the temperature is automatically controlled by multi-stage intelligent program controller in the whole process. The comprehensive performance index is high and it is in good condition. Domestic leading level.

5. With the patented double hearth structure and special roof construction technology, it has the characteristics of fast heating speed, no collapse at overtemperature and no ash falling at high temperature. The electrodeless fibers produced by vacuum forming technology are used as the insulation material and special insulation design of the hearth.

6. Display accuracy: +1 C, impact temperature directly less than +3 C, heating rate, 10-30 C/min set freely.

7. Temperature control instrument has password function, setting parameters for password control. Multi-safety protection design, good safety performance, long service life.

8. Shape design, full door structure, beautiful and generous.


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