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Introduction of Vacuum Annealing Furnace

Time:2019-09-19 13:47

Vacuum annealing furnace has a wide range of applications, and Nortel Technology also has its own production of vacuum annealing furnace sold all over the country.

Vacuum annealing furnace

Application of vacuum annealing furnace: It is mainly used for vacuum heat treatment of high speed steel, cold and hot working die steel, stainless steel, elastic alloy, superalloy, magnetic material and titanium alloy, vacuum brazing and vacuum sintering.

Structural characteristics of vacuum annealing furnace: The heating chamber is made of stainless steel framework, and the heat shield is made of multi-layer graphite felt. It has long service life and is easy to maintain. Graphite tube heater is easy to install and maintain with low failure rate. The air-cooled system consists of high-power and high-speed motor, high-pressure impeller with large air volume, volute and guide plate, copper tube and copper series heat exchanger and guide device, etc. It can realize high-speed circulation of air flow with heat exchanger-fan-guide device-workpiece-heat exchanger, so that the workpiece can be cooled quickly and uniformly. Full metal structure can also be used in the heating chamber.

The electronic control system adopts the way of PLC and programmable temperature controller, realizes three control modes: automatic, semi-automatic and manual, and has flexible operation.

Sealing system: The furnace door is sealed with high temperature silicone rubber. The furnace has an air inlet and an air outlet which can pass argon, nitrogen and other protective gases and vacuum.

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