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Solution of maintenance method of vacuum atmosphere furnace

Time:2019-12-10 09:31
    Today, Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology Co., Ltd. introduces some common problems and solutions in vacuum atmosphere furnace:
When the device still has problems in the process of experimental operation, there will be corresponding processing problem prompt and voice alarm. The operator can control the problems in the operation. When using the equipment, the professional can be required to eliminate the problems quickly to ensure the normal operation of the experiment. Other environmental test equipment will have problems in other appearance when in use, so the appearance must be analyzed and cleaned in detail.

     In the high temperature experiment, if the temperature changes to the test temperature, you can check the electrical system and eliminate the problems one by one. As the temperature rises very slowly, it is necessary to check the air circulation system to see if the air conditioning circulating shutter is not opened properly. On the contrary, they think that the motor is not running normally and the air circulation is not normal. If the temperature overshoot is severe, the parameter setting PID is required. If the temperature rises directly and the temperature is over maintained, the manipulator will fail and be replaced by the operation appearance.

     If the low temperature achieves the purpose of the experiment, then you need to study the change of temperature, whether the temperature drops slowly or the temperature rises after reaching a certain temperature. The former must be seen. The atmosphere experiment in front of the low temperature vacuum furnace is a drying chamber that does not work, so that the working chamber can be kept dry again, so that the sample can enter a working chamber for too many indoor tests, and the position of the sample chamber is wrong, In order to make the working chamber not have enough indoor air circulation, after cleaning the above reasons, we should think about whether it is a refrigeration system, so we must ask the manufacturer for repair experts.


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