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Do you know why the tubes of tubular furnaces are coking?

Time:2019-12-17 09:55
Tubular furnace is mainly used in metallurgy, tubular furnace tube glass, heat treatment, lithium positive and negative data, new energy, abrasives and other professional measurement data under certain atmosphere conditions. Today, I'd like to introduce to you the reasons for coking of furnace tubes:
1. The quality of the material tar is not stable, it is easy to coking at high temperature, or the dehydration effect may not be good due to the high water content of the tar;
2. The feed of the heating furnace is shaken to make the temperature at the furnace outlet fluctuate from high to low;
3. Uneven heat distribution in the furnace makes the furnace tube part overheat
4. The feeding quantity is too small or stopped, the tar flow rate in the furnace tube is too slow, the heat transfer resistance of the oil layer increases, the tube wall temperature is too high, and coking is formed;
5. Before the start of the work, the coke cleaning operation of the furnace tube is incomplete (refer to the burnt furnace). The original coke in the furnace tube has induced effect. Why does coking promote the occurrence of new coke;
6. The furnace tube is burned by flame, some of which are overheated and coking;
7. If the temperature indicator fails to work and the furnace temperature increases, no indicator will be given out, and the oil in the tube will be cracked and coking under high temperature.
Do you understand the reasons for coking of tube furnace tubes summarized above.


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