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Understand the operation steps of sintering gas in vacuum sintering furnace

Time:2020-09-05 16:36
     The first thing to notice is to close the working gas circuit and connect the gas outlet end of the tubular furnace to the vacuum pump.
Open the power supply of the vacuum pump, open the outlet valve, and empty the pipe body and the gas pipeline.

When the vacuum gauge of tubular furnace reaches - 0.1 (when the pointer reaches the end), close the air inlet valve. When the vacuum gauge of the tubular furnace does not move for an hour, it is still - 0.1, indicating that the tubular furnace has good sealing performance, otherwise, it is necessary to find out the leakage point and correct it. Inert gas pressurization can also be used to test the air tightness, and the pressurization is generally not more than 0.05Mpa.

Turn the knob to open the main valve of the gas cylinder and slowly open the outlet pressure reducing valve to make the outlet air pressure within a reasonable range. (there is scope of application on the pressure gauge).

Slowly open the inlet valve of the tubular furnace; at the same time, pay attention to the pressure gauge of the tubular furnace, and confirm that the pressure is below 0.05Mpa (if the pressure is higher than 0.05Mpa, use the outlet valve of the tubular furnace to vent).

When the air pressure of the tubular furnace is stable, close the inlet valve of the tubular furnace, open the outlet valve, vacuumize to - 0.1, and close the outlet valve of the tubular furnace.

After three times of air extraction, close the inlet valve and outlet valve, and connect the outlet hole to the conical bottle.

Open the air inlet valve of the tubular furnace and blow out the air valve to make the bubble in the conical flask appear at a speed of 2 / s. The discharged gas shall be discharged to the outdoor or exhaust cabinet.
Ventilate for ten minutes before heating.vacuum tube furnace


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