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Heating and coking treatment of tubular furnace

Time:2020-06-03 09:49
    Tube furnace heating is to use gas and air to form a high-temperature flame, so that the furnace and partition wall are heated, and the gas itself is heated to a very high temperature. On the one hand, the furnace tube is subject to the direct radiation of high-temperature gas and flame. In the radiation chamber, the furnace tube is mainly subject to high-temperature radiation, and the tar in the tube can be heated to 400 ℃, so it is suitable for two-stage heating. There are 70 furnace tubes in the convection chamber, which are mainly heat conduction because of being moistened by gas. The tar in the tubes can only be heated to 130 ℃ generally, so it is suitable for the second stage heating and dehydration.
Tube furnace

    The most common and simple way to deal with tube furnace coking is air steam coking. It is found that after the tube coking (when the processing amount and tar water content and properties remain unchanged, the heating of tube furnace increases with the pressure of the inlet of the furnace, i.e. the pressure of the two-stage pump), it is clarified that it is possible that the tube coking can be carried out by air steam coking; before air steam coking It is mentioned that the furnace pipe is not blocked, air and steam are introduced into the furnace inlet according to the share, and the furnace is heated to a certain temperature with gas, and the coke and air reaction (incineration) in the furnace pipe are completely removed at last.


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