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Precautions for the use of high temperature furnace oven

Time:2020-09-25 09:37
Precautions for the use of high temperature furnace oven
high temperature furnace oven
   1. The oven should work indoors and be installed smoothly.

   2. The power input should be equipped with a dedicated front-end on-off switch and properly connected to the ground wire.

   3. The power supply, voltage, and power supply wiring must be checked before powering on.

   4. When the oven is newly purchased or stored for a long time, it should be baked at a low temperature of 80-100℃ for two hours before raising the temperature to facilitate moisture leakage, enhance insulation performance and extend the life of the porcelain.

   5. The thermal element probe for temperature control of the instrument should be inserted into the working room from the temperature measurement hole of the left line, and not from the center hole of the air valve on the top of the box, so as not to affect the use.

   6. When the oven is used for the first time, please observe it frequently to avoid damage to the workpiece due to overheating.

   7. If you feel that the thermal inertia is a little too large, you can turn off a set of heaters to reduce the heating power and prevent over-temperature caused by excessive inertia.

   8. Take in the baking objects: Do not hit the part of the temperature controller that extends into the working room to prevent damage to the temperature controller and cause malfunction.

   9. Do not bake explosive, flammable and volatile items in the oven without specifying the "explosion-proof oven" to prevent explosion.

   10. In case of failure, please professional electrician for maintenance.


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