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Function and characteristics of tube furnace

Time:2020-10-23 09:19
Function and characteristics of tube furnace:

1. It can realize the speed adjustment of the beam when the specimen is clamped, and has the functions of overload protection and so on.

2. Optional microcomputer interface, which can be connected to an external computer to control the test process and store and print data

3. The tube furnace adopts high-precision, all-digital speed control system and precision reducer to drive the precision screw pair to perform the test to realize the wide-range adjustment of the test speed, the test process is low in noise and stable in operation

4. Touch key operation mode, real-time LCD display. The display interface can display the test method selection interface, test parameter selection interface, test operation and result display interface and curve display interface, which is convenient and quick


  • Three phase electric high temperature muffle furnace
  • Benchtop furnace
  • Three temperature zone inclined tube furnace
  • Touch screen inclined rotary tubular furnace

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