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Main function and structure configuration of atmosphere furnace

Time:2020-10-23 09:22

The characteristic of the atmosphere furnace is that at a certain temperature, an artificial preparation atmosphere of a certain composition is introduced into the furnace to achieve certain heat treatment purposes, such as gas carburizing, carbonitriding and bright quenching, annealing, normalizing, etc. . The atmosphere furnace is mainly composed of the following parts: 1 furnace body, 1 inner tank movable frame (water path, gas path system), 1 set of resistance wire heating system, 1 set of temperature control and display system.

gas atmosphere furnaces    

Structure configuration:
1. Atmosphere furnace hearth: composite lightweight ceramic fiber is used as refractory layer, the inner wears heat-resistant steel for fixed forming, and the outer layer of aluminum silicate fiber is used as insulation layer; the total thickness of refractory layer and insulation layer is 200mm, which provides excellent insulation for electric furnace effect. The furnace structure can withstand the shock of rapid cold and heat, which is suitable for electric furnaces that require high-temperature door opening. When the furnace door is opened frequently at high temperature, the furnace chamber will not crack and deform, and the furnace roof is durable and there is no danger of collapse.
  The whole fiber hearth structure greatly reduces the weight of the electric furnace. Due to the low heat storage of the fiber lining, the thermal conductivity is only 0.8. Compared with the traditional refractory brick electric furnace, the heating rate is faster and the energy saving effect is significant.
  2. The atmosphere furnace is heated on three sides and multi-faceted heat radiation forms a uniform temperature field in the furnace with a temperature uniformity of ±5°C. Avoid defects such as cracking and inconsistent annealing caused by uneven temperature field.
  3. Atmosphere furnace shell: double-layer furnace shell structure, built-in fan and air duct, to ensure that the surface temperature of the furnace shell is below 60 degrees.


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