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Quickly learn five effective maintenance methods for box-type electric furnaces

Time:2021-01-08 13:16
     Box-type electric furnace is a kind of commonly used heating equipment, which is a kind of muffle furnace, and is used in many fields. The maintenance of the box-type electric furnace also plays a key role in the daily application of the facility. It is a more scientific method to maintain it from the following five aspects.
Box-type electric furnace
1. The environment of the box-type electric furnace should be kept dry and ventilated, without corrosive gas, the working environment temperature is between 10-50℃, and the relative temperature is less than 85%.

2. Use the DC potentiometer to calibrate the thermometer of the GWL temperature controller on time to ensure accurate measurement and prevent deviation.

3. When the user is in strict accordance with the standardized operation process, if the equipment cannot be operated for a long time, the user shall not disassemble and assemble by himself without checking the quality standard of the box-type electric furnace manufacturer, and may contact the manufacturer's maintenance service for repair.

4. Regularly check the contact status of each part of the hot wire, whether the contacts of the AC contactor are good, and if there is a fault, repair it immediately.

5. For silicon carbide rod type furnaces, if the silicon carbide rods are found to be damaged, they should be replaced with new silicon carbide rods with the same specifications and similar resistance values.


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