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Teach you to understand the related technology of box electric furnace

Time:2021-01-08 13:21
One minute to teach you about the related technology of box-type electric furnace:
1 .What to prepare before opening the furnace
1.1 Check whether there are tools or other conductive materials in the electrical control box. If there are any forgotten workpieces in the furnace body, remove them in time.
1.2 After closing, check whether the switch electrical contact is positive or not.
1.3 Check whether the temperature control instrument is working properly, and turn on its button to make it in the working state.

2 .Open furnace production
 2.1 Set the temperature of the automatic temperature control instrument according to the process requirements.
 2.2 Put the control "handle" on the intelligent control position to raise the temperature.
 2.3 The temperature of the cold furnace is increased, and the workpiece can be loaded into the workpiece after the temperature is maintained for 2 hours, and continuous production is allowed.
 2.4 The parts should be placed evenly and stably in the box furnace, and no contact between the parts and the heating wire is allowed.
 2.5 Operate strictly in accordance with the technical specifications.

3 .Stop the furnace! Turn off the switch of the digital display and open the electric switch.

4 .Operation FAQ
 4.1 When the furnace temperature is greater than 400 ℃, it is not allowed to open the furnace mouth intensely.
 4.2 The maximum operating temperature does not exceed the power temperature.
 4.3 The furnace load cannot be too large, and the temperature reduction caused by it should not exceed 40℃.
 4.4 Do not use too much force when installing the furnace to prevent damage to the furnace bottom.
 4.5 Always pay attention to whether the electrical work of the instrument and electrical control box is OK.


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