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How much do you know about the classification and application of muffle furnaces?

Time:2021-01-16 16:53
    The muffle furnace is a heating device used in the laboratory. High temperature furnace is just a general term, in fact, there are many details in the process of continuous development. Today, we mainly introduce some of the most common types of high-temperature furnaces produced by mainstream high-temperature furnaces.
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Box furnace

As the name suggests, the box-type high-temperature furnace is the same as the box, that is, the muffle furnace in the traditional sense, but with stronger functions and better insulation performance. The stove is generally square, and the size can be customized. The door in front of the door is opened to pull out, and there is a door plug inside the door for better insulation. This is also the most commonly used high-temperature furnace, suitable for most laboratories.

Tube furnace

It is suitable for heating and sintering small workpieces and small samples, and is widely used in university laboratories. The working method is to put the quartz or corundum tube in the furnace for heating, and place the workpiece in the heating zone and constant temperature zone.

The sealing flange is used at both ends of the tube furnace, which can realize pre-vacuum, and can input various protective gas, oxidizing gas and reducing gas.

Atmosphere furnace

The atmospheric furnace is a high-temperature furnace that combines the dual characteristics of a box furnace and a tube furnace. It is suitable for large samples, experiments and productions that require atmospheric samples. The appearance of the atmosphere furnace is similar to that of a high-temperature furnace. On this basis, imports and exports were increased. The furnace body is sealed and welded, and the furnace door is equipped with a high temperature resistant silicone sealing ring, which has good sealing performance. Therefore, the vacuum can be pumped in advance, and various atmospheres can be introduced during use. The vacuum effect is slightly worse than that of the tube furnace, but it does not affect the use, generally up to 0.05 MP.

In fact, no matter which kind of high temperature furnace is an excellent heating equipment, customers have special requirements. As long as the manufacturer's high temperature furnace is clear, it can be customized by experiment. However, the four main high-temperature furnaces mentioned above can meet the experimental needs of most customers.


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