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Understand the analysis of several key factors affecting the service life of the muffle furnace

Time:2021-01-16 16:56
Through regular visits to customers, through statistical analysis, we know that many customers often overlook some details when using ceramic fiber muffle furnaces. Although the current impact is small, it will affect the service life of the muffle furnace for a long time. Below are details of several common items. You can check if you were shot.
burnout furnace
1. When using the muffle furnace to heat the workpiece, no supporting combustion plate is added:

Zhengzhou Nuotai Technology Co., Ltd. provides a combustion plate of corresponding size for each muffle furnace. All heated workpieces, including the container of the workpiece, should be placed on the combustion plate for heating. Try to avoid ceramic fiberboard directly placed on the bottom of the furnace, resulting in uneven local force or excessively high temperature of the fiberboard, which will damage the bottom of the furnace.

2. Hope that the muffle furnace will cool down quickly and open the door at high temperature:

Since the ceramic fiber muffle furnace has a very good insulation effect, the energy consumption during the insulation process is very low, and the temperature drops slowly after the power supply is stopped. Some customers hope that the next experiment can be carried out immediately after the experiment is completed, so open the furnace door at a high temperature to achieve a high cooling rate, but this is very harmful to the muffle furnace. One cold and one heating can easily cause the furnace to crack and heat The components cannot withstand this thermal shock. We usually recommend not to open the muffle furnace carefully until the temperature is at least 600 degrees Celsius. If you really need high temperature parts, you should consider whether you can use a silicon carbide hearth.

3. When using after a long period of shutdown, do not bake the oven:

This is also a detail that is easily overlooked. Basically, all customers can bake the oven for the first time. However, many customers forget to bake after stopping for more than a week. Ceramic fiberboard has a large number of small voids, such as magazines that can absorb water vapor if they cannot be used for a long time, so the drying oven can effectively remove water vapor in the gaps according to requirements.


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