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Teach you several main installation methods commonly used in box-type resistance furnaces

Time:2021-01-16 16:58
Teach you several main installation methods commonly used in box-type resistance furnaces
1. After opening the package, check whether the box-type resistance furnace is intact and the accessories are complete. Ordinary box-type resistance furnaces do not require special equipment, as long as they are flat in the indoor sky or on a shelf. The controller should prevent shocks, and the shelf should not be too close to the box-type resistance furnace to prevent the external components from deforming due to overheating.

2. There is a thermocouple that pulls out the furnace by 20-50mm, and the hole between the hole and the thermocouple is filled with asbestos rope. The best way to connect thermocouple controls is to make wires or insulated steel core wires. Note the positive and not the negative connection.

3. In addition, the power valve is installed at the place where the power cord is introduced and no longer controls the total power source. To ensure safe operation, the box-type resistance furnace and the controller must be firmly grounded.

4. Before operation, the thermometer indicator should be moved to two points. When using the compensation wire and cold junction compensator, move the machine to the standard temperature point of the cold junction compensator. When the compensation conductor is not used, the machine should be moved to the zero-scale position, but the temperature indicated is the time difference between the measuring point and the cold junction of the thermocouple.

5. After checking and receiving the report to confirm that it is correct, cover the controller case. The setting pin of the temperature indicator is adjusted to the required task temperature and then connected back to the power supply. Turn on the power, when the temperature indicator light is on and the green light is on, the task is started afterwards, the box-type resistance furnace is energized, and the direct current meter appears direct current. As the external temperature of the box-type resistance furnace decreases, the needle of the thermometer batch gauge gradually decreases, which indicates the task of the system. The pressure increase and constant temperature recognition of the ceramic fiber muffle furnace are indicated by the traffic light of the temperature indicator, the green light means enhancement, and the red light means constant temperature.


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