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What furnace is used for graphene growth?

Time:2024-04-10 13:47

The graphene growth furnace is a key equipment used for preparing graphene. It uses Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology to deposit carbon source gas on the substrate surface at high temperature to form a graphene layer.

Graphene growth furnace
Graphene growth furnace(Click on the image to view product details)

How to choose a furnace for graphene growth?

Graphene growth process: The graphene growth furnace adopts chemical vapor deposition technology, which decomposes the carbon source gas at high temperature and deposits it on the substrate surface to form a graphene layer. Usually, under the protection of inert gases (such as argon, nitrogen) or hydrogen, a metal catalyst is added to the furnace to transport the gaseous precursor into the furnace. The temperature inside the furnace is reached to a high temperature through a resistance heating element, and the gas in the furnace is discharged in advance to ensure the purity of the gas in the gas system. The gaseous precursor is pyrolyzed onto the metal catalyst to form graphene, which is then deposited on the top of the furnace to form sheet-like graphene.

Structure and composition of graphene growth furnace: Graphene growth furnace usually consists of furnace body, heating system, gas supply system, vacuum system, and control system. The furnace body is generally made of quartz tubes or metal furnaces, which have good sealing and high-temperature resistance. Heating systems typically use resistance heating or induction heating, which can provide high temperature conditions. The gas supply system is used to provide carbon source gas and carrier gas. Common gases include carbon source gases such as methane and ethylene, and carrier gases such as hydrogen. The vacuum system is used to remove residual gases during the reaction process, ensuring the purity of the reaction environment. The control system is used to monitor and control key parameters such as temperature, atmosphere, and pressure, achieving precise control of the graphene growth process.

CVD furnace commonly used for graphene growth (click on image to view product details)
CVD furnace commonly used for graphene growth (click on image to view product details)

Selection of Graphene Growth Furnace: When selecting a graphene growth furnace, factors such as the heating method of the furnace, atmosphere control system, temperature uniformity, and ease of operation need to be considered. At the same time, the size and production capacity of the furnace also need to be selected according to production needs.

The application of graphene: Graphene growth furnaces are widely used in the preparation and research fields of graphene. Graphene has excellent electrical, optical, and mechanical properties, and has broad application prospects in electronic devices, optoelectronic devices, sensors, catalysts, and other fields. The optimized design and control of graphene growth furnace can achieve high-quality, large-area, and controllable graphene growth, providing a reliable material foundation for the practical application of graphene in various applications.

Various models of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) furnaces (click on the image to view more products)
Various models of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) furnaces (click on the image to view more products)

The graphene growth furnace is an important experimental equipment and is a commonly used equipment for preparing graphene materials. Its design and performance directly affect the quality and yield of graphene. Therefore, when selecting and using a graphene growth furnace, it is necessary to fully consider various factors to ensure that better quality graphene materials can be obtained.Click to learn more CVD devices! Or click on online customer service to learn more about product information!


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