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How to operate a laboratory atmosphere furnace?

Time:2024-04-12 14:19

Operating a laboratory atmosphere furnace requires following certain operating steps and precautions to ensure smooth experimentation and safe operation.

Commonly used box atmosphere furnaces in laboratories (click on the image to view product details)
Commonly used box atmosphere furnaces in laboratories (click on the image to view product details)

1. Preparation work:
Ensure that the laboratory atmosphere furnace is in a clean and tidy state, and clean up any debris and residues in the furnace.
Check if all parts of the furnace are intact and undamaged, such as heating elements, temperature control systems, atmosphere control systems, etc.
Prepare the required experimental samples and select appropriate furnace and atmosphere gases according to the experimental requirements.

2. Preheating:
Turn on the gas source, determine the gas flow rate and pressure transmission, and turn on the atmosphere furnace ventilation system to ensure the stability of the gas distribution system.
Select the program on the control panel of the heater and set the temperature and time. The preheating time is generally not less than 30 minutes.

3. Set temperature and atmosphere:
Open the control panel of the furnace and set the required heat treatment temperature and atmosphere parameters.
Select the appropriate atmosphere gas according to the experimental requirements, and introduce the atmosphere gas into the furnace to ensure that the atmosphere inside the furnace meets the required environmental conditions.

4. Sample placement:
Place the sample to be heat treated in the furnace and pay attention to the spacing and arrangement of the samples to ensure uniform heating.
Ensure that the samples are placed firmly and avoid mutual contact or accumulation between samples to avoid affecting the heat treatment effect.

5. Set process parameters:
Choose the correct process procedure and adjust the temperature, time, atmosphere, pressure and other parameters of the atmosphere furnace.
Monitor the furnace environment, workpiece temperature, and atmosphere, and make adjustments as needed to achieve the best processing effect.

6. Start heating treatment:
Set the required heating curve and heating rate, and start the heating system for heating treatment.
Select appropriate heating methods and temperatures based on the characteristics of the sample or material to ensure stable and uniform heating process.

7. Monitoring and recording:
During the heating process, continuously monitor and record parameters such as temperature, pressure, and atmospheric gas flow inside the furnace chamber to ensure that the experimental process meets expectations.
Timely adjust control parameters to ensure that the heating process meets experimental requirements.

8. Cooling and exhaust:
When the experiment reaches the predetermined processing time or target temperature, turn off the heating system of the furnace and remove the sample from the furnace.
Turn off the atmosphere gas supply system to ensure that the atmosphere inside the furnace returns to the normal environment.
Turn off the power to the stove and clean it thoroughly.

Medium atmosphere box furnace
Medium atmosphere box furnace(click on the image to view product details)

In addition, when operating the atmosphere furnace, the following precautions should also be taken:
Temperature control: Use high-precision temperature controllers and thermocouples to monitor and control the temperature inside the furnace, in order to avoid changes in the structure and performance of the sample caused by high temperature.
Atmosphere gas control: Select appropriate atmosphere gas according to experimental requirements, and control its flow rate and pressure. Regularly replace the atmosphere gas to ensure its purity and stability.
Sample packaging: Use appropriate sample packaging materials, such as ceramic containers, quartz tubes, stainless steel clips, etc., to protect the sample from oxidation, corrosion, and other contamination.
Safety protection: During the operation of the atmosphere furnace, high temperatures and harmful gases are generated, so corresponding safety measures need to be taken, such as wearing protective clothing, wearing protective glasses, and installing safety protectors.

To ensure the reliability and accuracy of experimental results, it is necessary to operate the atmosphere furnace in accordance with operating procedures and safety requirements. For more detailed operation guidance, it is recommended to refer to the user manual of the atmosphere furnace or consult professionals in the relevant field.Click to learn more Atmosphere Furnace! Or click on online customer service to learn more about product information!


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