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Advantages tube furnace and Handling Precautions

Time:2015-03-17 09:00
High-temperature tube furnace, crucible resistance furnace used in various industrial and mining enterprises, universities, research units, small steel hardening, annealing, tempering heating. Carbon heater public for steel mills, iron foundries, laboratories for carbon and sulfur exposition purposes.
Therefore, high-temperature furnace equipped with a temperature controller, thermocouple temperature manipulation instructions conditioning temperature furnaces saving initiative. Analog and digital temperature controller is divided into two. Another special specifications can be customized large-scale laboratory furnace, tube furnace, high temperature frit furnace, high temperature furnace atmosphere. With a programmable temperature controller computer can control the speed, the band warming.
We use high-temperature tube furnace heat treatment equipment such as work, we still have to pay attention to the following points:
1. Do not use the maximum temperature of the resistance across the furnace.
2. When loading the sample taken must be cut off power to prevent electric shock.
3. Replace the sample taken at the door closing time may be as short as possible to reduce the life of the furnace.
4. stop any liquid absorbed into the furnace.
5. Do not be moistened with water and oil into the sample chamber; not stained with water and oil loaded clip sample taken, so as not to accidentally touch the fire;
6. To install the sample taken when wearing gloves to prevent burns.
7. Center the specimen should be placed in the furnace, not misplaced.
8. not casually touch around the furnace and the sample.
9.After the power supply should be cut off.
10. Unmanaged allow management staff, not to manipulate high-temperature resistance furnace should be operated in strict accordance with procedures and equipment for execution.



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