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Simple analysis of the difference between tube furnace and box furnace

Time:2020-09-05 16:50
 Tube furnace and a box furnace in shape, heating mode, has the distinction of applications.    
Difference tube furnace and box-type furnace shape: the tube furnace hearth is rounded half of this stove is placed in parallel, of course, there are erected, but it is called Pit furnace, box furnace hearth is square , according to the specific requirements of different sizes can be customized with different specifications. No difference in principle.    
First, only some of the tube furnace integrated thermometer on the base, it is small, and box-type furnace are covering a large, proprietary best iron shelf.    
Second, box furnace insulation effect is better than vertical furnace.    
Third, the tube furnace for production of more trouble, the corresponding cost him higher, but not certain, mainly to see the relevant parameters, and the maximum temperature.    
Fourth, on, over-temperature problems, mainly on the quality difference, but when all the furnaces are super warm start too, but how much is not the same, the key after the last tube furnace temperature is stable and set the same! Of course, better control, more precise temperature control! Specific conditions, specific analysis, even if the principle is the same, but because of different shapes and parameters, and their role in the field is not exactly the same!
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