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High temperature atmosphere furnace design and construction

Time:2015-03-20 09:08
(1) A copper oxide with aluminum oxide powder with a controlled atmosphere furnace temperature design, characterized by: hook can be fixed by starting the furnace resistance furnace bracket can rotate around its mouth tilted drum and fitted into the powder raw material, the rear roller cover by its evacuated to meet the requirements, and then filled with a predetermined amount of pure oxygen, oxygen may be filled once or portionwise charged; the oxygen capacity of the drum allow to reflect the central cavity oxygen partial pressure, to accelerate the reaction process; oxygenation evacuation electrically heated and open drum rotation button, the drum 5 to 50 revolutions / minute single bidirectional rotation or rotation, the furnace is heated to 180 ~ 500 ℃ when the insulation, insulation the heating chamber and the interior reflecting powder, with the powder temperature, the powder surface begins to oxidize, the oxidation process so that the continuous rotation of the drum through a transmission mechanism, to ensure uniform heating of the powder and the internal atmosphere of full contact, when reflected in a high temperature atmosphere furnace chamber pressure roller no longer reflects the decreasing end, so as to achieve uniform oxide powder; after reflecting the completion of open roller cover, lift the furnace, the low-speed rotation of the drum allows the finished powder flow.
(2) as claimed in claim 1 with the results of a controlled atmosphere furnace temperature, wherein: mainly by the intake manifold, cylinder cover, water jacket, resistance furnace, roller, thermocouple tubes, transmission, furnace stent, from hook structure, wherein the fixed resistance furnace and furnace bracket, the bracket is provided at one end of the furnace from the lower platform is supported by the hook and the lower end of the other end of the supporting triangle and rotatable about its rotation; resistance furnace set its rotation around the drum, resistance furnace at both ends of the outer cylinder 5 additional water jacket, near the end of the triangular support rollers projecting end sealing roller cover, roller cover to install the intake manifold, near the end of the drum platform support extension Setting the thermocouple tube end, and the end of the transmission mechanism is also provided so that the drum rotation.
(3) as claimed in claim 2 with a temperature controlled atmosphere furnace structure, wherein: the heating element is a resistance furnace heating wire or band, or silicon carbide. Copper oxide with aluminum oxide powder
(4) as claimed in claim 3 with a temperature controlled atmosphere furnace structure, wherein: the middle of it is a reflection of the drum cavity, reflecting cavity welded blade. Official Website: http: //www.lab-furnace.com


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