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Quartz tube furnace use and maintenance

Time:2015-06-10 08:55
Tube furnace or heating equipment in use, for safety and the heating device can be uniformly heated, need to be aware of the use and maintenance of the quartz tube, quartz tube is an important component that affects the quality of life of the tube furnace The length of time.
Quartz tube use and maintenance
1, the softening point of the quartz tube is 1270, not more than three hours when used at 1200 degrees.
2, the tube furnace is generally not recommended to clients through the case of hydrogen, the hydrogen content was outside the limit unless explosive concentration, if the customer needs through concentration outside the explosive concentration of hydrogen, must be good security measure, the ends do not pass gas tubes station, and if through hydrogen please use stainless steel pipe, stainless steel thermal conductivity is greater than quartz, and therefore require a water-cooled stainless steel at both ends, otherwise the O-ring temperature is too high to be sealed,
3, maintaining clean the inner tube, the inner tube residual substances can not react with SiO2, when burning material, in order to make the life of the furnace tube longer, not directly to the material on the tube, with a boat-type crucibles candy.
4, be sure to put the heating furnace tube ceramic furnace plug, or a high temperature furnace tube ends, the flange in the O-ring can not withstand high temperatures, so that the air tightness good, put the oven stove and two plugs end in favor of the formation of a balanced temperature field.
5, be sure to put the heating furnace tube furnace alumina plug, put aside two, a total of four, the innermost end plugs on both sides of the furnace in the distance about 450mm (because the heating section HTL1200 waffle tube furnace length of 400mm) .
6, temperature-resistant quartz tube has a relationship with its purity, the higher the purity, the higher the temperature.
Quartz tube heating tube closely and well maintained, is to achieve a smooth and stable heating process guarantees, for saving unnecessary waste is also an important part.


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