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Superiority of experimental furnace

Time:2015-06-11 09:21
Laboratory furnace operation is simple, good insulation, wide application, its superiority is a new era of human needs, which greatly facilitates the human race. Improve work efficiency.     
Laboratory furnace is mainly used for experiments, and more for quantitative analysis sintering, ashing test; is a batch-type resistance furnace, but that is not to say that the batch furnace experimental furnace.     
Laboratory furnace operation is simple, high precision temperature control, thermal insulation effect, large temperature range, furnace temperature uniformity, temperature zone more, temperature control system, there are phase trigger, SCR control, zero trigger, solid state relays, today furnace polycrystalline alumina fiber material is more, between the double furnace shell with air cooling system, fast heating and cooling of the oven with the temperature field balance, the surface temperature is low, lifting the temperature and rate, and energy saving.     
Temperature control using advanced touch screen control, the use of PLC control system, with full reliability, user experimental data are available, the experimental efficiency. Equipped with RS232 communication interface, Sigma data management software, which can record the history data and the temperature rising curve, correct the temperature deviated error, equipment failure analysis.     
Experimental furnace - laboratory furnace features:    
1, natural air insulation type, lightweight and easy to carry.    
2, the furnace is heated on both sides by radiation, temperature distribution.    
3, heating speed, heating up to 1100 ℃ about just over 30 minutes    
4, the heater: Sweden imports KANTHAL heater, durable, temperature stability, fast heating    
5, insulation: imports of high temperature ceramic fiber insulation and ceramic plates, aluminous cotton triple insulation.    
6, the internal use of high temperature ceramic plate, easy to distort, external galvanized plus temperature paint appearance, easy Diaoqi    
Laboratory furnace is the national standard energy-saving cycle operation furnace, mainly for steel products, metal parts normalizing, hardening, annealing and other heat treatment purposes, such as diamond cutting blade or high temperature sintering purposes.


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