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Caution experimental furnace vacuum experiment of

Time:2015-06-12 09:09
Laboratory furnace size can be used in many experiments, in which the experimental application of vacuum heat treatment furnace in the process is also a very good operation, when the operation of the vacuum furnace experiment we should pay attention to what?       
1. Laboratory furnace vacuum furnace should have a fast-cooling device. Cooling water pressure should be greater than 0.2Mpa, traffic should be adjustable.
2. Heating up: After you insert the workpiece, usually before the first pre-heated to 6.67Pa pumping heating
3. Heating process, the workpiece material and the furnace will be deflated to a vacuum degree drop.
4. Cooling gas: steel commonly used 99.995% purity nitrogen, high temperature alloys using 99.999% nitrogen or argon, titanium using 99.995% argon.
5. Vacuum furnace part in all activities in connection rubber O-ring seals the connection, this section are cooled by water.
6. The heating temperature vacuum annealing, vacuum annealing, vacuum and vacuum aging solution treatment temperature is generally the same as conventional treatment and heating.
7. Hardening of the workpiece in a vacuum, you should use a vacuum quenching oil, this oil has a lower saturation vapor pressure. 
8. Vacuum furnace maintenance should charge under vacuum or nitrogen status, avoid breathing normally when not absorb moisture.
9. Domestic vacuum furnace pressure rise rate should not exceed 1.33Pa / h, certain standards for foreign companies 0.67Pa / h.
10. Titanium vacuum furnace process, should not use nitrogen as the cooling gas, because titanium and nitrogen at high temperatures, to form titanium nitride gold.
11. Vacuum heating to radiation main piece in the furnace should be kept spacing.       
When the experimental furnace operation we should be careful to operate according to the requirements for vacuum heat treatment when we want to operate on the above requirements to operate, in order to ensure personal safety, and normal to experiment, and does not affect the results of normal .


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