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Application and advantages and disadvantages of tube furnace

Time:2020-09-05 16:51
Chemical analysis and physical measurement
1. industrial and mining enterprises, research institutes and other laboratories;
2. stoneware, porcelain, ceramic sintering;
3. The metal annealing, quenching and tempering heat treatment; The metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemicals, machinery and other fields.
Tube furnace advantage
1. Simple tube furnace furnace structure;
2. Simple tube furnace operation, easy control, continuous production capacity;
3. The power consumption is less, but the high thermal efficiency. The combination furnace can be more work for large-scale production.
Tube furnace shortcomings
1. Applicability of heavy feedstocks there is a certain limit. When cracking heavy feedstocks, since heavy feedstock easy coke, it had to shorten operating cycles, reduce cracking depth, often light focus, shortened annual effective production time, but also affected the cracking furnace and furnace tube life.
2. Press the high temperature short residence time and low hydrocarbon partial pressure of technological requirements, is bound to increase the strength of tube surface of the heat, which requires oil high temperature alloy tubing and casting techniques.
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