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Preparation of high temperature vacuum tube furnace

Time:2020-09-05 16:51
Preparation of high-temperature vacuum tube furnace before the operation
1. Design heating and cooling curve, heating rate not higher than 10 ℃ / min, the cooling rate should be lower than 15 ℃ / min.
2. clean environment. Start using the tube furnace, check the mechanical pump oil line
3. week in marking above, remove both ends of the cover, with a vacuum cleaner to clean corundum tube.
4. The sample is pushed into the boat just (10cm constant length) and the central tube furnace.
5. stuffed two insulated furnace plug, so that the end of the second furnace plug flush with the side of the furnace.
6. Install the flange gas stove, make sure the gasket groove fall.
Filling the working gas (hydrogen gas as the working gas)
1. Turn on the hydrogen gas line, each joint with soapy water leak, confirm no leakage.
2. Recognizing the valve is closed.
3. Rotate the knob counterclockwise to open a hydrogen cylinder main valve knob clockwise, slowly open the outlet valve, the outlet pressure at 0.1MPa.
4. Turn the mechanical pump power, open the two valves tube furnace outlet valve and a mechanical pump gas on the road, pumping five minutes.
5. Close the two valves mechanical pump gas on the road, closed tube furnace outlet valve, shut mechanical pump.
6. counter clockwise to open the pneumatic control valve, so that the arrow points to the "on" position.
7. counter clockwise to adjust the meter knob to make the indication in 20ml / min.
8. Turn the knob counter-clockwise, the intake valve open tube furnace until the pressure gauge reads zero.
9. Open the tube furnace inlet valve, the outlet valve open red hydrogen gas on the road.
10. After pass hydrogen over ten minutes, you can start heating tube furnace. Before heating, flow meter knob counterclockwise to adjust, so that the speed Erlenmeyer flask bubbles appear for 2 / sec.


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